Event: The Digital Influence Industry in Brazilian Election Campaigns

Brazil's elections, and therefore, democracy are shaped by digital influence techniques, technology firms, and social media platforms. The nature of these digital influence techniques has changed over time, bringing evolving problems for society including misinformation and divisive messaging.

In advance of the 2024 municipal elections, we will present and create space to discuss trends in digital influence tactics being used in Brazil, accountability for tech firms, platforms, and political groups in the context of Brazil, and the motivations of citizens using these tools.

Join us online on the 10th July, 10am - 11.30am BRT. Sign up here.

(informações do evento em português aqui)


A Cautionary Tale: Brazilian democracy, anti-democratic riots, and Meta’s platforms

Pedro Dos Santos, Geneva Graduate Institute

The Drivers of Political Communication on Messaging apps

Ester Borges, InternetLab and Alessandra Gomes, InternetLab

The International Influence Industry

Dr. Amber Macintyre, Tactical Tech and Louise Hisayasu, Tactical Tech

Followed by 30 minutes networking space.

This event is open to both Brazilian and international individuals and groups interested in learning more about digital influence in elections in Brazil.

The event will support English and Portuguese language through translated text and moderation.

Sign up here.

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