About the Influence Industry Project

Political influence is conducted through an industry of consultants, technology companies, and platforms. The role of the industry in politics is extensive, shrouded in mystery, and can have serious consequences for our political experience and consequently social and economic life.

The Influence Industry Project supports civil society to respond to the influence industry through three areas of work. Firstly, we share research and case studies detailing how political influence takes place worldwide. Secondly, through our learning hub and workshops, we provide a guided tour of research, frameworks and skills to build the capacity of professionals monitoring, regulating or otherwise working on political influence. Finally, we support the engagement of concerned citizens by developing resources on digital and political literacy. All of our published research, audio and visual materials, and commentary are also available on the resources page.

Project Team

  • Project lead: Amber Macintyre
  • Project coordination: Cassiane Cladis


To learn more about the individuals and organisations that have collaborated with our project, please visit the Credits page.


To find out more, queries on our workshops, or to join our informational mailing list, please get in touch with us by email, with reference to the influence industry project:

ttc@tacticaltech.org (GPG Key fingerprint: BDEE 1F9A 94DB CDB4 EB3F 2D17 ED37 47E6 87A4 9D27)

Project Funders

The Swedish Postcode Foundation

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The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

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