Call for Partnerships: Enhance our research on the influence industry

Tactical Tech’s Data & Politics team are seeking partners to enhance and co-develop The Influence Industry Explorer – an open-data tool which provides information about more than 500 companies involved in political influence and election campaigns. The main goal of the partnerships is to enhance the data in the database, and tell stories using the data.

We would like to work with researchers, journalists and digital rights groups who can investigate, research and present 1000 - 2000 word case studies on these companies and their role in elections around the world. More specifically, the work will involve:

  • investigating the work performed by the companies already included in the Explorer
  • or expanding the database by including new companies that play a role in digital influence in elections worldwide
  • and writing case studies or relevant stories based on these investigations

Apply through a lime survey here

Who can apply

Regarding the topic, the partner may pitch a story relevant to their area of interest, such as any of the following examples:

  • An overview of the work being conducted by companies working in a specific recent, ongoing, or upcoming election
  • An investigation into the relationship between companies and political parties in a specific country or region
  • An in-depth examination of one or two companies in an international landscape
  • A technical analysis of the work carried out by the companies, such as how they conduct profiling of voters

We would like to work with individuals or organisations (journalists, researchers, and digital rights groups) who research and/or advocate on the topics of data protection, digital rights and/or elections and democracy in the digital age. Ideally, individuals and organisations will come with an existing network to support the outreach of the results of the partnership. The work undertaken as part of the partnership agreement preferably fits within a partner organisation’s existing strategy or project remit.

Priority will be given to local partners active in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Pacific Islands and select countries from Eastern Europe.

What we offer

  • Tactical Tech can offer funding up to 1,000 Euros for the partnerships.
  • Support and collaboration during the research and writing period, as well as training and capacity building opportunities to take the topic forward within your network
  • The opportunity to help enhance and co-develop The Influence Industry Explorer.
  • Promotion within our networks (approx. 6,500 monthly newsletter subscribers, 50,000 Twitter followers, and more across social media).


Partnerships are expected to start immediately. The duration will be decided with the partner though we expect them to last between 1 and 3 months.

How to apply to be a Partner

If you are interested in applying, please fill in the Lime Survey. Partnership applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds are used up or at the latest 30th November 2022. Please note the deadline to apply has been extended until 6th December 2022.

Apply through a lime survey here

If you have any questions or other comments please get in touch at amber @

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