New Module: The Dilemmas of Using Personal Data in Election Campaigns

In Module 4, learn about some of the ethical issues and questions that arise when data-driven campaign techniques are used in election campaigns. As the influence industry remains closed to discussion about practices, methods and engagement, we find it crucial to create space for questioning and concern in how personal data is used in elections. In this module, we present information on implicit bias, the flaws in data logic, our right to privacy and the impact of ongoing political campaigns outside of election periods.

Module 4: The Dilemmas of Using Personal Data for Political Influence

We have selected and highlighted several concerns that have come to us over half a decade researching the topic and speaking with industry professionals. The module aims to inform and serve as a foundation for any research, investigations and general understanding of the Influence Industry and the dilemmas of trusting its practices.

The current political and economic systems that collect, process and sell data away from the public eye exploit individuals by misrepresenting the true cost of the exchange. Beyond that, when voters don't have a viable alternative to the status quo, consent is less meaningful.
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