The Influence Industry Project: Interview Series

We are pleased to introduce the Influence Industry Expert Interview Series.

Inspired by the excellent work of professionals within our international networks, these interviews are a way to amplify the work and voices of the community examining the global and local practices of influencing elections.

Throughout this series, we invite you to join us as we hear from international researchers, professionals and organisers, who have worked on uncovering the broad network of practices and companies working on political influence.

Listen in as former Data and Politics project co-lead Varoon Bashyakarla speaks with various experts, we’ll update this page as we launch new episodes as well as our YouTube channel.

Varoon Bashyakarla is a data scientist and statistician who worked with Tactical Tech for several years to uncover the Influence Industry. His past statistical undertakings led him to a variety of domains: public health, public safety, sports, finance, and cybersecurity. After working as a data scientist in Silicon Valley, he is now living in Berlin and exploring how personal information is used for political influence. Find Varoon on Twitter: @vbashyakarla

Cyber-security expert Bob Diachenko:

Bob Diachenko, one of the founders of Security Discovery describes his journey into data security, why companies minimize the large role that human error plays in data breaches and what politicians running a data-driven campaign should be promising their constituents.

Listen the audio and read the transcript: Interview with Bob Diachenko or on YouTube: here

Lawyer's Hub guests Linda Bonyo and Catherine Muya:

Linda Bonyo, the founder and CEO of Lawyer's Hub describes her experience working to bridge the divide between technologists and law practitioners and the digital divide in Kenya. Fellow lawyer, Catherine Muya, also discusses issues of digital identity.

Listen the audio and read the transcript: Interview with Linda Bonyo and Catherine Muya or on YouTube: here

Elections and civil society researcher Tetyana Bohdanova:

Tetyana Bohdanova describes the historical events leading up to the 2019 national elections in Ukraine and what she found in her in depth research on data-driven campaigning during the election. Please note the interview was recorded in June 2021.

Listen the audio and read the transcript: Interview with Tetyana Bohdanova or listen on our YouTube channel: here

Data journalist and researcher Nino Macharashvili

Nino Macharashvili speaks about the the state of politics in the country of Georgia in 2021. From offline voting practices that have the potential to be translated online to the history of revolution and hope, this conversation explores Macharashvili’s research and thoughts for the future. Please note the interview was recorded in July 2021.

Listen to the audio and read the transcript: Interview with Nino Macharashvili

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