The Voter's Guide Activities

The activities in this resource pack are standalone activities centered on digital and political influence to be integrated into workshops.

The Voter's Guide Activities are designed to be included in online and offline workshops. Each activity contains facilitator’s instructions, learning goals and discussion question. Each activity is available as a printable PDF instruction sheet.

To help offset navigate the emotions that can surround the discussions surrounding data-driven campaigning in political elections, these activities are designed to interact with the subject in a playful, engaging and reflective way.


  • Portraits and Data Doubles helps introduce the topic of profiling and how others can create representations of us.

Download the Portraits and Data Doubles activity sheetDownload PDF

  • Portraits and Data Doubles [Extended Version] helps introduce the topic of profiling and how others can create representations of us.

Download the Portraits and Data Doubles Extended Version activity sheetDownload PDF

  • Political appearances: What does good look like? invites participants to think about what visual tools are used by politicians.

Download the Political appearances activity sheetDownload PDF

  • What gives an image meaning? prompts participants to question how the content we are present with online makes us feel.

Download the What gives an image meaning? activity sheetDownload PDF

  • The OCEAN Profile uses the online OCEAN tool to help participants gain a better understanding of how psychometric profiling works.

Download The OCEAN Profile activity sheetDownload PDF

  • In their shoes: influencing profiles places participants in the shoes of an advertiser or marketer to understand how political ads are designed according to different profiles.

Download the In their shoes: influencing profiles activity sheetDownload PDF

  • Reflection as political action is a series of mini-activities that invite participants to reflect and connect with their emotions while learning about this topic.

Download the Reflection as political action activity sheetDownload PDF

The activities are currently available in English. If you would like to translate, adapt or otherwise remix the activities, please get in touch with our team at and we will be happy to discuss ideas further.

To learn more about the Voter's Guide workshop, which contains these activities, see the slides and facilitator guide.


The Voter's Guide workshop plan, slides and activities were developed by Tactical Tech's Influence Industry Project in collaboration with Seerat Khan. Further credits for project support and direction can be found here.

First published: January 30, 2024

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