This section contains a selection of research and accumulated knowledge gathered by Tactical Tech's Data & Politics team as well as our international project partners. Resources and content referred to in the Learning Modules can also be found here.

Companies and the Industry

We have investigated and documented a wide industry of consultants, digital campaigns firms and data brokers working with political groups to conduct influence campaigns. Here you can find our research and analysis.


Countries and Regions

Since 2016, we have built an international picture of the influence industry through partnerships and collaborations with journalists, digital rights groups, civil society organisations and academics in more than 20 countries. Here you can find our case studies, regional overviews, and other location-specific resources.

Country Studies

Technologies and Tactics

Partnering with technology researchers and civil society, we have examined the tools and tactics of digital influence to demonstrate how they work in practice. Here you can find summaries of different technologies, examples of their use in influence campaigns, and analysis of their impact on politics.


  • Personal Data: Political Influence

    A deep dive into data-driven campaigning, uncovering the tools that are used to understand, target and influence voters around the world. The PDF guide, featuring case studies from around the world, gives clear descriptions of thirteen of the methods, explaining how they work, how they use…

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Deep Dives


Read analyses from our team and our partners on the impacts of the use of data in political campaigns, the trends and potential future uses, and the questions we should be asking to develop better practices.


Opinion and Commentary

  • Defining Political Influence after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine has prompted many of us to ask ourselves: what can we do right now, how might our future change, and what could we have done? This article examines these questions for those of us working on digital influence, whether on political communications, misinformation…

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  • Algorithmic Design as Political Commentary

    Highlighting fractured and alternating online experiences through a design system that gives a nod to online segmentation and targeting is what Tactical Tech's design team set out to do for The Influence Industry Project.

    Readers, learners and explorers of The Influence Industry Project…

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Voters' Guides

Videos, guides, and articles to support voters in developing knowledge, literacy, and skills relating to political influence

Other Tactical Tech resources