Module III

Research Methods for Investigating the Influence Industry

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In this module, hear from our guest author Tetyana Bohdanova about the approach, methods and available tools for investigating the use of personal data by political actors in an electoral context.

Take aways

  • 1

    Learn how to formulate a research question and process

  • 2

    Assess your capabilities and identify any areas that will require outside support in the research process

  • 3

    Evaluate the political context in which you wish to conduct your research

In this chapter, you will be guided through the steps necessary for conducting an investigation into how political actors use personal data in political campaigns and how to form questions based on some of the concerns that arise at the intersection of privacy and digital election campaigning. The chapter draws on examples of investigating elections from around the world.

About the Author: Tetyana Bohdanova is a researcher from Ukraine. Her work has been largely focused on election monitoring, digital security and voter engagement with an emphasis on how technology can be used within social movements and elections.

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